Q: I'm on day 7 of brewing and my new scoby is pretty thin. Is this normal?

A: For Day 7 at 75 degrees we would expect a culture to be about a quarter of an inch thick. However, the majority of scoby growth tends to happen between days 7-21, so no need to worry just yet. Make sure that the culture is in the proper temperature range (68-88 degrees) as being too cold or hot can inhibit  scoby growth.

Also, keep in mind that the first time brewing with the kit is usually the slowest.  After a couple of brews, the culture and starter tea begin to establish themselves and fermentation happens faster.

If after a few more brews your culture isn't growing in well, or your kombucha tastes off, then you may need a new culture/starter tea pouch. Certainly keep and set aside your current culture and starter tea for future use (in the very least you can get two batches going simultaneously) but with a new starter tea/culture pouch you will be able to know if the culture/starter tea is the problem, or if something else is amiss.