Q: My jars exploded during my second fermentation! What went wrong?

A: Unfortunately, a bottle exploding is always a danger with doing a second fermentation. It's rather uncommon but it can happen.

Carbonation is created in a second fermentation when the yeast in your kombucha eats up the sucrose (sugar from the fruit you add) and turns it into Co2 and alcohol. The bacteria then converts the alcohol into acids. If your bottle exploded, typically it means there was one of four problems:

1) You added just a bit too much fruit juice/sugar into the bottle
2) The bottle was sitting at too warm of a temperature (over 78 degrees) so the second fermentation happened too quickly
3) You let it sit for too many days
4) The bottles are poor quality glass-- if you believe this may be the problem, our bottles are all thoroughly tested and high quality so check them out!