Kombucha Jar | 1 Gallon

Kombucha Jar | 1 Gallon

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The 1 Gallon Brew Jar is the most time-tested kombucha brewing vessel. Our glass jars come from a great American glass manufacturer and are USDA food certified. 

*All jars include: plastic lid, unbleached cotton cloth, rubber band

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Our 1 Gallon Brewing Jar is made of thick American glass and built to last. Screen printed on the side of every jar is our unique Brew Notes feature, allowing you to keep track of the details of each brew.

Our Wet Erase Marker is custom made exclusively for this glass jar - featuring a fine point tip, this non-toxic marker is completely smudge proof when dry. Ready to log your next brew? Simply wipe with a wet paper towel and your writing surface is crystal clear. Proudly manufactured for us in the USA, we're truly obsessed with these markers. 

Each brew jar includes a cotton cover that is laser cut with a pinked edge to reduce fraying and sized perfectly fit the vessel. Want to take a break from brewing for a while? We include the plastic lid too so you can use your jar for storing other items during breaks.