Freeze Dried Raspberry (1.76oz/50g)

Freeze Dried Raspberry (1.76oz/50g)


Take your second fermentation to the next level! These whole organic raspberries pack a sweet-tart punch, making them the perfect base for flavoring kombucha. Just a few of these berries per bottle will infuse your booch with a beautiful fuchsia hue and bright raspberry flavor. Certified organic and freeze-dried at their peak, these maintain 99.9% of the nutritional value of freshly-picked berries, without the high cost and short shelf life of fresh raspberries.

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Freeze Dried Raspberry

How Concentrated Are They? 1 TBSP freeze dried raspberries = 8 TBSP fresh raspberries

How Much Do I Use? Use 2-3 raspberries per 16 oz of kombucha. Start with less and learn over time how much flavor you prefer

How Do I Use Them? Drop the fruit pieces directly into second fermentation vessel

What’s A Good Pairing? Try combining with lemon, blueberry, hibiscus, or ginger

Ingredients: Organic Raspberries
Shelf Life: 18 months

A Closer Look at Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze dried fruits have a number of benefits that make them an exceptional alternative to fresh and frozen fruit when it comes to flavoring kombucha in a second fermentation.

  • Nutrition:
    Flash frozen within hours of being picked, our line of freeze dried fruits are then dried using a state of the art vacuum technology that captures 99.9% nutritional density and flavor of freshly-harvested fruit. This means that in many cases, our freeze dried fruit is even more nutritionally dense than fresh fruit that was picked days or weeks before landing in your second fermentation.

  • Cost:
    Freeze dried fruit is significantly concentrated. Just one tablespoon of freeze dried fruit is equivalent to between 7 and 11 tablespoons of fresh fruit! That makes it an incredibly cost-effective way to flavor your booch, while maintaining maximum flavor, nutrition, and color.

  • Shelf Life:
    Freeze dried fruit makes a fantastic alternative to fresh and frozen berries in large part due to its shelf life. Each pouch is shelf stable for up to 18 months in your pantry. You’ll always have fruit on hand when you’re ready to flavor your kombucha. No more messing with freezer-burned berries that have been in the back of your freezer for who knows how long, or watching a $6 pint of fresh organic berries spoil on your counter.

  • Ease of Flavoring:
    Flavoring with freeze dried fruit is exceptionally easy -- it can simply be dropped into your second fermentation bottles. The freeze drying process allows the fruit to be absorbed more efficiently into your brew, infusing flavor better than fresh fruit without any of the chopping or peeling. No mess, no hassle, and no waste.