Sencha Kombucha Tea Blend

Sencha Kombucha Tea Blend

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Our Sencha Kombucha Tea Blend combines organic Japanese Sencha tea with organic Yerba Mate. Using only first and second flush harvests from farms in southern Japan, this Sencha is a classic green tea with delightful, grassy aroma and clean finish. It pairs perfectly with Yerba Mate in this blend, a traditional plant of South America well loved for its health and energy-boosting properties. Together, they make an unbeatable energizing kombucha sure to elevate both mind and body.

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PLEASE NOTE: We recommend at least a basic knowledge of and/or experience with kombucha brewing when using flavored tea blends such as this. Additionally, because each blend will infuse a distinct flavor into your culture and the kombucha brew, we recommend dedicating one kombucha culture and cup of starter liquid solely to this blend. We do not recommend transferring cultures and starter liquid back and forth amongst different flavored blends. 

The first brew with this blend may be slightly slower to ferment than normal and the culture may look atypical. After the first brew, your culture will adapt to the new tea blend and ferment at its usual pace. 

Ingredients: organic sencha green tea, organic yerba mate