Kombucha Brewing Kit Case of 12

Kombucha Brewing Kit Case of 12


The above price is for 1 case of Kombucha Brewing Kits, which includes 12 kits. The cost per kit is $22. This is a great option for stores that want a discount on the price per case, and to save on shipping costs.


Our 1 Gallon Kombucha Brewing Kit in all it's glory. These kits are packaged and designed to move. A beautiful, unique, and eye catching product for any store. MSRP: $45.

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Thinking of placing a wholesale order, but want more info first? Feel free to email us any questions at alana@thekombuchashop.com. 


Cost of shipping not included. 

All kits are shelf stable at room temperature. Kits are individually dated with a use by date at least 4 months from the package date. (We ship all wholesale kits within 2 weeks of their package date so you are guaranteed our freshest product possible). 

Kombucha Brewing Kit Includes:

  • 1 Gallon Brew Jar with plastic lid

  • Organic Kombucha Culture & Liquid Starter

  • Organic Sugar

  • Organic Tea Blend

  • Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

  • pH Test Strips

  • Temperature Gauge

  • Cotton Cover & Rubber Band

  • Pipette

  • Wet Erase Marker

  • Step by Step instructions

  • Post-Brewing Guide


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