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About Us

The Kombucha Shop is a kombucha home brewing supply company whose mission is to help people brew incredible kombucha at home. We design innovative and one-of-a-kind home brewing supplies to make brewing kombucha at home easy, affordable, and fun.

Our Early Days

In 2013, TKS Founder Kate Field discovered her passion for kombucha while working as a culinary and nutrition educator for low-income families in Washington, DC. What began as a side hobby quickly blossomed into an obsession to spread the knowledge and skills of home brewing kombucha. Unimpressed with the kit options available at the time, Kate knew that with her background, she could make a better kit focused on quality tools and step-by-step instructions. Within a few months, Kate found a small room in a warehouse to rent and started putting together her very first brewing kits..

Ten years and hundreds of thousands of kits later, The Kombucha Shop is proud to be the largest and most reliable home brew kombucha company out there today.


Our Commitment To Organic

Just as in the beginning, we remain steadfast in our commitment to using organic ingredients in our products. We source only the highest quality, organic loose leaf teas and sugar, and our organic kombucha cultures are hand packaged fresh daily. Each kombucha culture is grown using 100% organic tea, sugar, liquid starter and triple filtered water.

Our Commitment to American Made

We believe that strong and healthy communities are built on thriving, local economies. From our packaging to our glass jars, we work hard to find and source our supplies from American manufacturers and small businesses, many within a few hundred miles of our warehouse.

Our glass jars are made in Arkansas and printed by a 4th generation bottler in Milwaukee, WI. All of our packaging is manufactured in Ft. Atkinson, WI and our cotton covers are cut from a small family textile company in Herman, MO. Our USA made pH strips and wet erase markers are custom made for us by two small scale NY-based manufacturers. We source our teas from sustainability-driven Milwaukee-based Rishi Tea and Michigan-based Arbor Teas.