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Half Gallon Growler

We paired this classic 64 oz. growler with a threaded poly cone cap, allowing you to build and hold ample carbonation during a second fermentation. It’s an ideal vessel for flavoring in a second ferment without the hassle of multiple bottles. You’ll wonder how you ever brewed kombucha without it!

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The 64 oz. clear growler has become a staple for craft kombucha breweries and home brewers alike. Included with the growler is a leak-proof, threaded poly cone cap and they're our little secret to building an awesome amount of carbonation without a swing top.

Why is this combo so great? Each cap has a polyethylene cone inside, and when you twist it, the lip of the bottle tightens into the malleable plastic cone shape and holds the growler lip in place, locking in the pressure.

Clear glass 64 oz. growler. Growler and lid both made in USA.