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Take your second fermentation to the next level! Adding rosehips to your kombucha will infuse it with an enchanting fruity flavor and rose-colored hue. A subtle and easy way to boost the nutrition of your kombucha! 3.53oz/100g

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A fruit harvested from the rose plant, these tangy rosehips are a true Vitamin C powerhouse. In fact, just one teaspoon of rosehips provides as much Vitamin C as six large oranges! They also help curb oxidative stress and inflammation and have even shown to lower cholesterol.

How Much Do I Use? Use 1-2 teaspoons per 16 oz of kombucha

How Do I Use Them? 1) Drop rosehips straight into a second fermentation bottle or growler. 2) Steep and concentrate into a tea, allow to cool, and add to your second fermentation

What’s A Good Pairing? Try combining with hibiscus, strawberry, pineapple or lavender


Shelf Life: 24 months
Ingredients: Organic Rosehips

USDA Certified Organic.


 Hibiscus & Rosehip


  • 16 oz kombucha
  • 1 tsp dried rosehips
  • 1 tsp dried hibiscus



Add the ingredients above to a 16 oz bottle. Store for 2-4 days in a warm, dark place. Then chill, strain, and enjoy! 

Makes 1 16 oz bottle of kombucha.