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Stout Bottles | 6 Pack

Create ample carbonation without a swing top. The wide mouth makes it easy to add flavoring for a second fermentation. Great for grab and go. *Includes six polyethylene cone caps and one small bottle brush.

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These fantastic bottles and caps are made in the USA, come in both 12 oz and 16 oz sizes, are leak-proof, and hold an awesome amount carbonation.

The secret to how these build carbonation without a swing top:  the polythenal cones inside the caps. When you tighten them, the lip of the bottle tightens into the malleable plastic cone shape and holds the lip in place, locking in the pressure.

The Stout Bottles feature a 2-inch-long neck, also key for building carbonation in a second ferment. The bottle opening is nice and wide, which means plenty of room to easily add fruit and other flavorings during bottling.

6 bottles to a case. 100% Glass. Made in USA.

Available in both 12 and 16 oz sizes. Includes (6) polyethylene caps and (1) small bottle brush.