Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit


With this Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit you get everything you need to start brewing like a pro.  The kit includes our 1 Gallon Kombucha Brewing Kit + six swing top bottles + bendable bottle brush + stainless steel funnel and strainer set.  For serious kombucha drinkers who seriously love kombucha. 

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Save money buying all the necessary supplies for both brewing and bottling all in one kit!

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit includes:

  • Six 16 oz. Swing Top Bottles - the perfect bottles for making fizzy, delicious kombucha

  • Bottle Brush - custom-made to fit our 16 oz. bottles and bendable to fit those hard to reach corners

  • Stainless Steel Funnel & Strainer Set - allows you to pour and strain your kombucha with ease

  • Kombucha Brewing Kit - All the essentials to get brewing and the kombucha culture and equipment needed to keep going:

    • One Gallon Brew Jar with Plastic Lid

    • Organic Kombucha Culture & 1 Cup Liquid Starter

    • 1/2 lb. Organic Sugar

    • 15g Organic Loose Leaf Tea Blend

    • Reusable Cotton Tea Bag

    • Temperature Gauge

    • Cotton Cover & Rubber Band

    • Ph Test Strips

    • Pipette

    • Wet Erase Marker

    • Step-by-Step Brewing Instructions

    • Post-Brewing Guide